Did you know that I’ve never been able to maintain a hobby?

When I was transitioning from Year 2 to Year 3, we had to make a presentation about ourselves, and a major flaw (and the opposite of a flaw – strength?) of mine is that I have never finished anything – I even made a short film about it. Hobbies discarded include: reportage illustration, cross stitch, horse riding, roller derby, silver smithing, dressmaking, baking, swimming…I have a lot of unfinished projects under my belt (and under my bed).

And yet now, I’m trying to start a blog – something that requires (almost) daily upkeep, care, watering, weeding and proof-reading. I’m not sure why – mostly because I like clothes and I like places that people like to be rude about and I really, REALLY like dogs – now I have a place to talk about these things and maybe (?!?!!!) people will read them.

So from my very hot Norwich kitchen, hello from me to you! It’s so hot that all of my housemates have retired to bed and left me with Relocation, Relocation, Relocation on television and I’m definitely not watching it.

Apologies for this weird photo that I’m about to leave you with.


Photo on 24-07-2016 at 17.01


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