Festival of Dogs


What a lovely Stanley!

Kieren and I attended the East Anglian Festival of Dogs…I’ll say that again – FESTIVAL OF DOGS (omg!!). It was an incredibly groovily planned event, there were ponies that were beautifully trussed up, demonstrations of loads of groovy stuff, local businesses and most importantly – DOGS!

brolly man

It rained on and off all day – but that didn’t stop us (or the lovely dogs).

doggy and brolly

Some of the categories we saw were AS FOLLOWS; Cutest Puppy, Handsome Dog, Prettiest Girl, Best Small Dog, Best Big Dog, Best Condition, Best Mover, Golden Oldie, Best Brace (!?!?), Prettiest Eyes – the list went on!

I would have awarded this one Most Floofy and Lovely.
staffy boyyyyyy
This incredibly handsome Staffulon 5000 was later awarded with ‘Waggiest Tail’ – his name was Milo and he was very, very smiley.

The Lowestoft Dog Agility Display Team (try saying that three times fast) were performing, along with their commentator who was quipped with puns ranging from ‘oh nooooo’ to ‘omggggg!’. There were examples of FlyBall, agility, running and even…JUMPING THROUGH FIRE.

doggy FIRECan you believe I took precisely zero photos of dogs jumping through fire? They were very good though, believe me!

If I had to give a rating of dogs, it was EASILY 9/10.

3 bbys

Our next dog show to visit is at the end of the month, I CANNOT WAIT!



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