Good Old Boys

If you’re ever in Norwich, you should go and have a look around Magdalene Street. For some reason, some people have bad things to say about Maggie – but I think it’s a dazzling metropolis of second hand shops, little cafes, mini-marts and greasy spoons.

One of my favourite things to in this wonderful part of Norwich is have a dig through dusty old boxes of old photographs. My pal Evie collects old pictures of cows. My pal Boo collects pictures of beautiful old babes. Whilst at the MoMa, I bought a beautiful book called Some Girls Standing on Lawns, which is a collective between Daniel Handler and Maria Kalman – funnily enough, it features lots of pictures of some girls standing on lawns! I like to collect pictures of people with their trusty canine companions.

Here are some of my favourite Good Boys…

good boys

I have dreams about filling zines and books with Good Boys, but for the time being I just collect them.

good boys 4

The photo above was actually part of a christmas card – so good!

good boys 3

One day I’m going to fill a gallery with old pictures of people with their Good Boys and it’s going to be GREAT!

good boys 2



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