I have nearly the whole of August off – did you know?! I have NEARLY the whole of August off! In order to #stay #proactive, I’ve set myself a list of things to do every day and most of them start with going to the gym at 8:00am. Technically I was in the gym at 9:30am this morning but STILL! It’s going to be greAT!

On my to-do list yesterday was (among other exciting things) visiting the library. Did you know that you can get books from the library FOR FREE? From the age of 10 to about 14 I would get a stack of books and read them twice in a week – you can ask my mum and she will be able to confirm this as a solid gold fact.

On my way to the Forum with my tote bag heavy with brill books, I couldn’t help but notice a rather large shipping container covered in graffiti – I assumed it was part of British Art Show 8 HOWEVER! It turned out to be something very different…



After returning my books, I went to talk to the helpful people in high-vis bibs. It turned out to be a piece called “WHAT’S INSIDE THE CONTAINER” by Jimmy Cauty and featured as part of Bankys’ Dismaland (which my mum attended – apparently it was brillo). I believe the full title is JIMMY CAUTY’s spectacular #AdpRiotTour (A POST-APOCALYPTIC WORLD IN MINUATURE IN NORWICH FOR 3 DAYS ONLY 1 – 3RD AUGUST). ADP stands for THE AFTERMATH DISLOCATION PRINCIPLE in case you were wondering.

For the duration of 2016 the ADP in a forty-foot shipping container is on a pilgrimage to over 36 historic riot sitres across the UK on a nationwide tour that ends in Bedford on Christmas Day. So if you’re in Bedford on Christmas Day and you fancy checking it out, I would recommend it.


Covered in obligatory political scrawlings such as “Cameron is a BEEP” (sorry, but my mum will be disappointed if I write The Ultimate Worst Swear Word Ever™),  “CORBYN IS KING” and “I LOVE MARY BERRY” that someone – presumably Mark – had rather thoughtfully doctored, this forty-foot container stood at the bottom of the Forum steps. It’s usually where 14-year-old boys with long fringes would be attempting to impress their pals on skateboards.

I wasn’t sure what to expect inside, and spent a while chatting with a man who was very distressed at “FUCK THE POLICE” written in BIG letters. I said that it was an NWA song, he said he was going to call the police. I said that it probably wasn’t anyone from Norwich, would that be a good idea? He said he was going to call the police. I said ok and he turned to the girl next to me and asked if she’d seen what they’d written. I went around the other side.


I was a bit worried that inside would be something gory, or sad, OR, a performance piece which I would have arrived late to, only to not understand what was going on. However, people were walking freely and putting their peepers up against the eye holes, and so I took a look.



When I was in Amsterdam in November (of last year WTF – what even is time?!), it was during Amsterdam Art Weekend, a magical time when galleries open their doors and you have a lovely map showing you around the city to find fantastiche things. During this time, I experienced some miniatures by the Chapman Brothers (hey look, here I am! More Chapman Brothers via my BFs instagram you say?! You’ve got it!).

We’re no strangers to small happenings in Norfolk either. In Great Yarmouth, there is a magical place called Merrivale – it’s a model village that’s been there for half a century. It feels as if it’s straight out of the 60s – for more than one reason. Keep your eyes peeled because I’m sure I’ll do a lovely visit soon. In Wroxham (AKA RoyTown AKA Big Boy Roy), there is “Wroxham Miniature Worlds”, an incredibly gay and brilliant day out.

But this was not gay, not one bit. If anything it felt quite serious. It was also BLOODY IMPRESSIVE. Absolutely minute police officers patrol the streets with even tinier traffic cones. Weeny scene(y)s pop up before your very eyes. Not one was the same (though some were similar!). If you’re going past the Forum either today or tomorrow, I REALLY think that you should have a look in this lovely big steel rectangle!



1272: Cathedral Riots

1443: Priory Riots

1549: Ketts Rebellion

1977: Red Army Riots

1990: Poll Tax Riots



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