Wednesday WOWBLIMEY #3

1) When I was in Third Year, we had a wonderful lecture from the even more wonderful Becca Davies – more on her in a moment! After listening to her talking about her work for an hour and a half (and being excited because we both only seemed to draw boxy people in side-profile), I managed to sneak into a Second Year workshop that she was hosting. We were given a brief to make a small film conveying something brilliant in 60 seconds or less, and here is one of the examples shown. I’d completely forgotten about it until the other day, when it popped into my head fOR NO REASON?!

2) My twitter feed is full of dogs, cool girls and tweets about #CBB at the moment, but amongst it earlier this week, was a WICKED AND GROOVY ARTICLE about Guiseppe Lo Schiavo. He’s been taking delicious fotos across Europe throughout 2015 (oops, sorry I only just discovered yah Guiseppe bby) – and would you just look at the results????? V v v v v lovely.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 17.00.05.png
image via: iGNANT

3) About a month or so ago, we moved house – not far across the city, but far enough that it takes longer to get into town. ABOUT TEN MINUTES MORE. OMG! I’ve been looking for some lovely things to adorn my walls with (once I get paid from My New Job Which I Am Very Excited About Starting™). When trying to find out more about vintage MoMa art cards, all I found was this – possibly the most asthetically pleasing google search ever? This one is also pretty cool.

So the MoMa vintage cards mystery continues! For the time being, aren’t they pretty?




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