British Art Show 8

Hello to my only regular reader! How are you? I’m doing well, thanks! I’m still blogging here and there, I haven’t quite mustered up the courage to do any more outfit photos, but I’m sure that will all change soon! I would quite like to pick up my old denim jacket from home home, as I’m going to dye it purple and cover it in fake flowers and possibly pom poms. Hope everything is alright with you!

If you happen to be in Norwich in the coming weeks (until the 4th of Septempber), I would suggest going and seeing British Art Show 8. It’s a travelling exhibition, and after Norwich you can find it in Leeds, Scotland, and other exciting places. Currently showing in part at Norwich Castle + Museum and partly in NUA!

Hello Mr Man @ The Castle

Personally, only a handful of things appealed to my palette in the Castle – there are two films that are shown on a loop and are great things to feast your little peepers on. Firstly, a lovely film by Mikhail Karikis – lots of beautiful observations of the water cycle and orchestral childrens voices to make the noises, very nice. They’re also wearing ace outfits, everyone loves a bit of block colour to break up the socio-political and industrial history of Larderello!

Mikhail Karikis

Secondly, a film entitled ‘FEED ME’ by Rachel Maclean. Picture this – a blue room, filled with acid-yellow bean bags on a pink carpet (the room smelled like new carpet SO STRONGLY, was it part of it? WHO KNOWS!) to reflect the colour scheme of the film.

Every time I thought I knew what was happening, something would shift. Is it about consumerism and how BuYiNG ThInGs Is BaD? Is it a take on being young and marketed? Is it about being old and gross? Is it about being too happy? Is it about social media (lol)? Everything is very bright and brilliantly put together, the costumes are amazing and the editing is brillo – it’s just surprising when they swear because everything is so bright.

After an hour, I realised it wasn’t following a chronological storyline, and my head hurt from the carpet smell, and I had to buy a bar of dairy milk because I felt a bit WEIRD AND UPSET. 10/10 for watching though.

Rachel Maclean

Heading over to St Georges of NUA, I felt a brief glimmering of sadness knowing that my studies had finished – and what more, I was a week out of my job as SU President. They didn’t last long though, as there were some brilliantly nuts things to stand and look at, and whats more, nice people who wanted to look at paintings and didn’t see any.

On the ground floor (traditionally where you can find Textile students), Benedict Drew had taken over – a room that sounded like this; “WwEEEEEEMNEJSKJFSFkfkfkkkkkkkoooooooommmmmmdddddbbbbbbbbFFFFNFSDMFSD<FSDFFFHHFHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOooouoOoououoouuusdjjJJFKDKFUIIIIIIIIIIIOoooooioIioioooiiiuukkkkoooooooodddodooodoooooooonooOoooOooOOOOoooO000000000OOOooooofoodofooooooohrelloooooooooo”. It was GREAT. Screens and projections and old-skool blocky TVs (when is that trend going to end? Come on now). Usually, I’m not a massive fan of projection – soz Fine Art pals – but this ticked all my boxes. It was loud, silly and very groovycool.




Upstairs, my senses were drawn towards big, sexy rugs on the walls. These were the stylings of Caroline Achaintre – and it was nice to see something that had been made and taken loads of time TBH! They were so great in stance and in the meaning of the word. Big lovely sad faces crying spools of wool – love it.

Caroline Achaintre

As you walk into a small room, the door closes behind you – instantly, the lights go out a Scottish voice says something that I cannot remember. The lights offer you a seat and you’re treated to a sensory delight of the room talking to you. In another showing, thunder and lightening plays and fans whip on and off. Fun for all the family.

Laure Prouvost

Finally, my last piece of Art In The British Art Show 8 That Didn’t Make Me Feel Cross Because What The Hell Even Is Art Anyway If Everyone Just Projects Things OMG! FFS!™ (although saying that, four of the pieces that were actively enjoyed were screen-based. Perhaps I need to eat my words, yum yum yum, delicious words) is a piece by Melanie Gilligan. The idea is, you pop some headphones on and wander around the black structure, making what you can of various short films being shown on each screen. Your heading changes as you walk, giving the viewer a perspective that is individual to them. V, v cool.



Sorry, I’m not a critique-er (maybe I should have joined Critique Society LOL JK!) – I have a degree in Illustration and sometimes art makes me feel really cross. I’m not sure how to go to a show and soak it up and tell you what it all meant, but I can tell you what was BRILL! You should definitely go and see it – or not if you don’t want to! – whilst it’s still in Norwich.



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