Wednesday WOWBLIMEY #4

Hello! Are you ready to see three brilliant things on this slightly-too-warm Wednesday morning? You ARE? Magnifique! How excited are you for Bake Off later? I know, I’m positively brimming with excitement! I made triple chocolate brownies yesterday to share with my housemates and pals and everyone is bringing a baked good (hopefully!) – it’s going to be rad.

1) Recently discovered on the Norfolk coast – EERIE REMAINS OF A CENTURY OLD SHIPWRECK??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yes apparently so! The EDP makes a claim that it’s a hazard to boats ATM – thar she blows!!!!!!!

via: EDP

2) When last in Wakefield, we made a visit to the Hepworth Gallery to feast our eyes on some culture and lovely big grey architecture. If you’re unsure of who Barbara Hepworth is – imagine a lovely smooth stone with a hole in it. Now imagine it huge. Viola! She’s famed around St Ives, but originally came from lovely old Wakefield. Not only is the gallery named after her, but they have a permanent collection featuring LOADS of bits – she was very busy.

HOWEVER! There’s currently a Stanley Spencer exhibition there, which is very, very lovely indeed. Of Angels and Dirt is GCF (good clean fun) for all the family. His paintings are busy and you can easily spend half an hour in front of one (I didn’t, but I could have done). Plus he had brilliant glasses – and what way to celebrate what would have been his 125th birthday year than to spend an hour with his flowers and ladies?

Wall Flowers (1954) – Stanley Spencer

3) Last but not least, I bring you the work of Masayoshi Matsumoto! Balloon sculptures are an art in themselves (sometimes!), and Japanese creature and maker Matsumoto is definitely the cream of the crop. Colossal recently posted an article about him, but if you’re interested in more, you can see it all on his facebook or tumblr – AND IT’S ALL VERY CUTE!

via: colossal



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