Eyes and Ears (What is in them?)

Hello! Guess what? It’s six days until I start My New Job™! And no, although I haven’t done everything I thought I would in this Bonus Month™ AKA going to the gym every morning (I did do that for over a week though!), I have kept up my blog! How are you? That’s great, v glad to hear it! How are you beating the heat? It’s insanely hot in Norwich at the moment!

I’ve been spending a bit of time reading, and lately I’ve discovered the ‘MURDER MOST UNLADYLIKE’ series. As a girl who yearned for boarding school but never went, in the last few years I’ve been reading a lot of books based in them – Naughtiest Girl in the School, Mary Kate and Ashley (the boarding school years), Harry Potter (obvs) – that’s pretty much it. UNTIL NOW!

The ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ series is set in the 30’s and incredibly jolly hockey sticks. There’s a rather helpful glossary in the back of the books (just in case you need reminding what a chelsea bun is), and the terminology used is frightfully jolly – plenty of “Oh Daisy, don’t be such a brick!” . The narrator is a refreshing gal by the name of Hazel Wong, a girl raised in Hong Kong by an Anglophile father who attending boarding school in England himself. If you’ve got a spare 300 pages or so worth of time, I would thoroughly recommend them. 4/5 for reading brill fun.


JOLLY FOUL PLAY is the forth instalment and very good also don’t look at the sweaty crease in my neck PLEASE!
Hello again, here is the second section of today!

If I’m not reading, or in the bath, or somewhere looking for doggles, or watching Jeremy Kyle with my housemates, or whatever else it is I’ve been doing all this time, then I’m possibly wandering around the city listening to podcasts. I’ve taken to doing this quite regularly, as I’m very bored of all of my whiney music and need an injection of something FRESH PRONTO.


1. This American Life – Ira Glass has the most lovely voice and is rather good at speaking to people. If you’re unaware of This American Life, it’s a weekly podcast that has been running for many years now, based around a theme. Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, but mostly always (I had to skip past a whole act yesterday because it was improv comedy which isn’t great at the best of times, never mind hearing it later) enjoyable to listen to. Previous themes have been “Captains Log”, “The Perils of Intimacy”, “If you can’t say it, SAY IT IN ALL CAPS” and recently, “You Don’t Have To Live Like A Refugee” – each have different stories, interviews, snippits from articles, sometimes live comedy (hit + miss TBH!) and little insightful tidbits from Ira. 5/5 listening, would listen again.


2. THE ADAM BUXTON PODCAST – Upon discovering Adam Buxton via my dear pal Mary at Latitude in 2013, I had kind of forgotten about him (sorry Buckles). He is actually the coolest and most lovely man in the world as well as an actor sometimes – he had a bitpart in The IT Crowd (here is it), he played a grumpy teacher in Son of Rambo, and (you may know him more from this) he was Tim Messenger in Hot Fuzz (#RIP). P.s. He’s also a been a friend of Louis Theroux for a large number of years – here they are dancing to GROOVE IS IN THE HEARRRRRT AAAAAYYYYAAYAAAAAA along with Joe Cornish. ANYWAY! He has a podcast and it is so brilliant and funny that it makes me laugh out loud in the street and also a couple of days ago in a big graveyard and then I felt a bit bad about it. You should definitely do a listen. Plus it features loads of cool slebs and opinions that you can later pass off as your own (as long as no one else listens to THE ADAM BUXTON PODCAST).

BONUS PODCAST: My dear friend Tim Wood, who is brilliant and lovely, has a podcast in which he makes puns about biscuits and talks about current events. We met on the first night of Freshers and he talked to me about disco and we’ve been friends ever since. He really is the most lovely person you could ever wish to meet EVER.


P.s. I’ve been listening to loads of Otis Redding and YOU SHOULD TOO!




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