Happisburgh looks like it ought to be pronounced “Happys-burg”, as in “Where are you off to? You look happy, have you been to Happys-Burg?” – but it’s pronounced “Haze-bor-ugh, as in ‘haze’ like a haze, and ‘borough’ like the last bit of Aldeburgh (for all you Suffolk dwellers). It’s a brilliant place for dog spotting, air breathing and getting sandy.



It’s a lovely place, featuring clifftops, a rather lovely lighthouse, a few houses that have fallen into the sea, and HELLA DOGS.

One thing that has been duly noted, is once past the lighthouse, clifftops, the sea defenders, the bits of brick that litter the beach, and the lifeboat house, there is a rather peculiar sight. Row upon row of houses, bungalows, L shaped buildings, caravans, sunrooms, annexes and squat little homes. None of them are connected, no one is the same as the other. Some are new builds, some are weathered, some are wooden, some are tin, some are brick, some are lovely, some could use a bit of TLC. Some have ‘vicious hounds’ (JK, they have the loveliest smiley boys), some have cats in the windows, some look lived in, some have dusty window sills. Some have EN GER LAND flags waving outside the houses, some don’t.




Most of them have huuuuuuuge expanses of land. Trying to imagine it, I would have a vegetable plot and flowers and groovy things and a fire pit, but apparently the salt in the air and the cold winds from the north sea make it near impossible to grow things in the ground.


The house above is very brilliant, it has cement sand castles lining the front, and a nice little bit for selling eggs and cake, plus this time around – halloween sweets! Thank you Ebb Tide.

Oh yes, here is one of the aforementioned vicious hounds

Do you see what I mean about none of them being the same? They’re brilliant.

Here’s what’s left of the estate map

I have no idea when it was built, who started, where, when, why or who or what or why or when or who or why. Just that I had serious garden and wood burner envy.


On our walk back, we met a group of people with LOVELY dogs, espesh these two Handsome Dans.


And of course Kieren found the tiniest and wiggliest pup of all time to have a play with – it was only it’s SECOND TIME ON THE BEACH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS IT WAS LITTLE BABY YES!


Also look, this is my favourite house out of all of them.


And also omg!

#oops #hopeeveryoneisok

If you’re ever in the NR12 0QA area, you should 100% go and have a wander.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday!!!!



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