Hello, did you know that recently, I went to Prague?

It was really nice and I felt very happy to be walking and wandering and seeing lovely things and lovely buildings – also the food was really good. I had an entire food diary to share with you but my phone recently took a dive into the toilet so it’s drying as we speak.

Prague is very old, and very beautiful – very, very, very beautiful. There are gorgeous details everywhere – and buckets and buckets of GOLLLLDDDDDDD.








During our time in Prague, we ate plenty of ham (£22 worth of ham), ingested plenty of incredibly cheap beer, even more cheap and delicious cocktails, ate plenty of delicious red meat, journeyed up a very big hill in a funicular (my first funicular), and journeyed up what felt like several thousand stairs (it was actually just over 300) to see some spectacular views and listen to other English people talking about Prague.


Here is the tower with all the stairs…



If you’re going to Prague, you should 100% explore and find yourself in Café Savoy for brunch – they’re featured quite heavily on taste of prague. Oh my goodness it was delicious, here is a picture of our meal on insta. Kieren had a collection of meats cooked beautifully, and I had old prague ham on toast with the most perfectly poached egg omg PLUS sausages with an amazing amazing amazing amazing amount of wholegrain mustard.


Hello! Look at all these lovely deets!




On one of the days, we went on a coach trip and were the youngest people there. Although we signed up for the bone church, we ended up seeing a church with amazing windows and heckloads of gold and also we learned how people made coins in the past.






It was a sacred place and it was the vogue to have your bones sent to be turned into decor. By gosh it was cold, and slightly daunting. I wished we could have spent more time there and read the gravestones but we were encouraged to board the bus once more. If you have six hours free and £30 to spare to see some bones, you definitely should.




Our first and last meal in PraGUE took place in Cestr – a restaurant that feels like a sexy abattoir. Lurking underneath the national museum, you enter into a cubicle of cow hide and walk through plastic butchers curtains. Open kitchen and wood welcomes you in, with windows enabling you to gaze upon the maturing cows and slabs of red.

I can remember nothing about it besides the smiley waiting staff and the feeling of bliss as the red meat dissolved in my mouth again and again and again. The steak tartar in parparticularlar was delicious, so delicious. Firstly, you rub garlic cloves onto the toast. Then you cover the toast in raw red meat and bit of egg yolk. It’s peppery and delicious and you never want it to finish.

I would walk back to Prague for another one.


Prague in a nutshell:

  • crispy onions with dumplings
  • gold
  • delicious beer
  • delicious deets on buildings
  • a very lovely time had by all
  • also the KGB museum is a treat and a half – a private collection and a very enthusiastic storyteller with a brilliantly thick accent


Hello and also, goodbye – I love you xxxxxxxx




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